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Orientation schedule


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How long should an orientation be for a skilled RN with many years of floor nurse experience who is now starting a hospital based- CM position? I have no previous CM skills. Answers are greatly appreciated.


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Because of the fast paced nature of the job, orientation at our facility is ongoing, kinda ask questions as you go. The inital interest of teaching the new person is how to do insurance reviews and lead care conference. That occurs during the first two weeks. Then it is pretty much seek out help when something comes up.

I work at an LTACH. Some of the things that does not come up during the inital training would be filling out C9 for workers comp, Medicare appeal process, resources for people who have no insurance.

The person that I oriented most recently is doing well. He calls me with questions if I can't help on the phone, I go down to his office to reccomend the best way to handle things that come up. Hang in there, it will get better each week. Good luck to you in your new position.



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I am looking into cm as a traveler. I have almost 2 years homehealth case management and worked hospital and home heatlh for many years. Any suggested reading to help me get a "leg up" as I embark on this new adventure?