Orientation for 6 months and still do not feel ready..

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I've been away from nursing for 10 years and want to come back so I was hired in the ER.  I've been on a long orientation ( 6 months now) and they are taking me off orientation but I do not feel ready.

when I started I did not even know how to turn on an IV pump, or even how to draw blood, I only have an ADN and now I am carrying a patient load but I have my preceptor to ask questions of.  I have not participated in a code yet, only watched.  I have only done 3-4 catheters, and only had 1 pedi patient.

I am in a busy hospital (1:5 ratio) and there is no team environment because everyone is drowning as we are so busy. I do not feel ready to be on my own but I can't imagine anyone letting me orient longer...

I love the ER but should I call it quits and give up? Is there just too much of a learning curve to come back after 10 years.... When I was a nurse I only worked psych... never bed side nursing... I don't think my co-workers or boss understands I had zero experience but I made it clear to the director at the time when he hired me...

any suggestions?? I feel like a failure...

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Explain you situation and ask for another month of orientation.  During your final month, sit down with your preceptor and tell them that you want them to sit back at the nurses station so that you can function 99% independently (as if you weren't on orientation anymore) but that they're still there as a lifeline when you need it.

Or quit.

Whether you are actually ready or not, you lack confidence, and that's half the battle.  

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