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I will soon take the NCLEX and enter the RN workforce. I have always hated mornings. All of my jobs before nursing were evenings or nights and I attended nursing school with clinicals and class in the afternoon and evening. My question is will I have to work days as a new grad? I don't mind a brief orientation to days, but if I have to do months at a time during the day I will be very unhappy!

I hired in as a new nurse for the night shift and I had to do orientation during the day for about 5-6 wks before I went to nights. I hope you get a longer orientation than I did!

I'm a new grad too and I work nights. And all of my orientation was at night. The only time i had to go in during the day was when I had to go in and fill out all those papers you have to fill out at a new job (insurance, tax stuff, acknowledgements,...) and watch a bunch of videos that tells me everything that I already know. Other than that everything else has been at nights. And it's been great!

And as for orientation...I followed a nurse one night and the next night i was on my own with over 20 pts. Oh and i graduated in June. So i definitely hope you get more orientation than i did!

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