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Hey yall! I started orientation @ Genesis today and it was the best orientation and facility i have seen in my time(i know it's short,but i seen a lot). Anywho, I talked to human resources about my little dilemna, and everything worked out. I am really excited about working @ this particular facility because management and administration was great!!! as were the staff nurses and the very few aides i meant. The whole entire population of employees at the facility appeared to be very compassionate, close-knitted, and eager. I was so impressed I had tp pull the staff coordinator to the side and compliment because orientation was awesome. I also told HR because I could'nt help it I was shocked. Now I know,I'm kinda on the outside looking in because i really didnt get the chance to work on the floor yet. But overall, I am really impressed. this facility represented Genesis so well that I develop an even greater intrest for the position as well as the company to the point that I think I'd choose this facility over the hospital(just based on the company's values and also the staff, management, and administration, but it isnt finalized, I mean I havent even gone to the open house yet for the hospital position). Well, I just wanted to let my "cyber family" know whats going on. Oh yeah, we should be expecting some new members, a couple girls my age @ orinetation were studying to be nurses and during our convo I just threw you all in there. I hope to here from them as well as you all. Thanks for letting me share my excitement.

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