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Any advice on tools/ways to keep yourself and your car organized while going about your day as a hospice nurse?

Thanks! :redbeathe

AtlantaRN, RN

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rubbermaid filing container with the hanging files-in those hanging files, a manila file for each patient--to keep copies of documents that need to go back to patient, etc, also additional paperwork, narrative forms, visit forms, physician order sheets, blank mar's etc. a three ring binder with a-z tabs with a copy of each patients MAR (and copy of hospice pharmacia--meds that have been ordered and shipped to said patients).

I have a plastic binder that has a 1" thick storage area on the inside. there I always keep a couple of death visit and pronouncement forms--that way I have some with me at all times, including narrative notes and visit forms.

For my bp cuff and o2 sat and such, I got something that was designed for scrapbooking at michaels. it is small and holds my stuff including my phone and gps, that way i only have one small thing to take into the patients home.... This has served me well as I have, in the past, got something as big as a piece of carryon luggage to carry all my crap.

I use those http://www.snapware.com products for gauze, etoh swabs, foley kits, etc.....also one huge rubbermaid container in the back of my stationwagon with everything else--diapers, pullups, big packs of gauze,,,,everything else that won't fit in the snapware containers.

by friday evening, I have to go through my car and completely restock everything because i'm a clutter bug.

Good luck, you will find what works for you....


AtlantaRN, RN

Specializes in Med Surg, Hospice, Home Health. Has 13 years experience.


I use the stuff made for craft storage, because you can snap several layers together and just use one top. check at joann fabrics, especially after christmas they are super cheap--especially the ribbon dispenser product.

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