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Hello everyone I live in Bakersfield, California. I have already taken Organic Chemistry and now my adviser is saying I need to take Intro to Chemistry. Is this true or can Organic Chemistry count as my Chemistry to enter into the nursing program. I please need to know.... ty


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If your adviser said you need intro to chem I am pretty sure he/she knows what they are talking about.

I need intro to chem just to be able to take A&PI, which sucks, but I have to do it.

It's not that bad.

If you still don't believe the adviser check the college website and the nursing program pre-reqs it should tell you what you need to get in.

Good Luck! :up:


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Didn't you take some sort of intro chemistry course before taking Organic Chemistry?

I was just looking earlier, and it looks to me like Sac State only requires Organic Chemistry as a prereq, with the assumption that you've automatically taken an intro chem class as a prereq for that. I have no clue if you could get away with transfering there with just ochem and no intro class.

I'm also reasonably sure that there are Northern California schools that will accept a combined inorganic/organic chem class specifically for nursing students in place of the organic chem prereq, if that's what you took.


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The reason why i was able to take O Chem was b/c i had already taken 4 years of science at my h.s. and got a and b and one was chem and they said that was my prereq to take o chem. but it probably would look good if i take intro anyways i was just surprise bc they let me take o chem already and thats after intro.

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