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Hey guys I know there are lots of people out there with threads about prereqs, just thought i would throw this one out there too:

Some of these schools say "organic chem recommended (strongly)"-I was wondering if having 3-5 years ICU exp along with CCRN (lets say this isnt a prereq for the school) would actually look better on paper vs organic. I guess basically im asking would CCRN look better than organic chemistry? Thoughts?


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Why not do both? (if you have the time). That's what I did, anyway. I think the CCRN tells them you that you may have a certain level of knowledge, but it does tell them that you can take a standardized test after studying lots of material and pass it. The CCRN also shows a certain level of committment to your profession (to put up the effort and bucks to get it). Organic chem only looks good if you make a good grade, but it shows that you are willing to take on a challenge (it's not an easy class!), and that you are willing to learn something new (how much it will help in CRNA school - i don't know).

So, the point is that both can make you look like a stronger candidate. Just remember that the adcom will be looking at the whole picture. If I had to pick just one - CCRN.


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