Where could I find examples of surgical tools for a presentation?

  1. I'm currently in a CNA II class (and eagerly waiting for an acceptance letter to nursing school for the Fall term) and we're doing a presentation on surgical technicians. I'd love to have examples of typically used surgical tools to show the other students as part of the presentation, but haven't had any luck getting ahold of anything. Any ideas?
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  3. by   ®Nurse
    do a google search under "Images" instead of "web"
  4. by   tejon
    I was looking for actual instruments to show in class. Barring that, a list of commonly used tools so I can make up a display of each with a description and image.
  5. by   NewNurseyGirl2009
    You can buy hemostats at scrubs stores. Only about $5
  6. by   wyomtorlpn
    maybe go to a local hospital and ask to speak to a surgical tech on duty.

    they will be more than please to help you with a list...maybe take your camera with you and have them
    snap some pictures of some while they are setting up the room.
    (i know they let cameras in the o.r. at ohsu, cuz the doctor took pictures of him doing my daughter's kidney transplant last august with my camera i sent in with her).

    best of luck.