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    I have a question to ask that may have been covered before, but I was hoping I could get some additional clarification and advice on the matter. I am projected to graduate shortly and was looking into the potential of relocating to Oregon from Idaho. From what I understand, if you want to work in a non-compact state after being licensed in another, you have to apply for endorsement in that state. I hear that this process is rather similar in most states and involves a potentially lengthy wait-time and is somewhat costly. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't it be to my benefit to simply take the NCLEX in Oregon rather than go through the endorsement process? Or, would it be better to take it in Idaho since it is a compact state and would allow me greater latitude in relocation choices and then just get the Oregon endorsement?
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    if you know that you will be relocating to oregon after graduation, then apply for initial licensure there. if you are unsure about relocating, then apply for licensure in idaho. however,if you relocate to another state, and change your residency, regardless ofwhether it is a compact state or not, you will still need to apply for licensure in the new state.

    the nursing licensure compact works similar to a driver’s license. if you are licensed in a compact state, and are a legal resident of that state, your license will grant you multi-state privileges. you will retain multi-state privileges as long as you maintain residencyin that state. if you want to work in another compact state, then you are able to do so using your original license. however, if you want to work in a non-compact state, then you will need to apply for licensure in that state.

    if you relocate (and change yourlegal residency), and apply for licensure in that state, what happens to your original multi state license depends upon the state to which you moved. if you relocate to a non-compact state and apply for licensure, you will be granted a license by endorsement. when you report your change of address to the board of nursing in your original state, your original license will lose its multi-state privileges and become a single state license.

    if you relocate to another compact state, you can work on your original license for 30 days. however, you still need to apply for licensure by endorsement in your new state. furthermore, as you can only possess one license with multi-stateprivileges, when your new multi-state license is issued, your original nursing license will become inactive.
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    Thank you so much for clarifying that for me! The process makes more sense now! I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question!