Relocating to Portland?

  1. I've scanned a few posts and it seems like things are tough in Portland for new grads. My husband grew up in Portland and has been talking about moving back after I graduate in September. We're currently in Philadelphia, and things are tough here as well, so I'm planning to have a hard time finding a job no matter what, but I guess I want a sense of just exactly how bad the outlook is right now. I'd like a job in a hospital doing med surg (although emergency would be my dream job) but I'm realistic and would look at just about anything. No preference in shift (happy to work nights, weekends, etc) and I'm going to have a BSN.

    I'm watching this post too but just wanted to see if anyone else had any recent experiences or input that could give me a sense of how things are.

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  3. by   MsPdx
    Hi hiddencat! Graduated from Villanova in July '09! Loved Philly, and am happy to report many of my peers got jobs in the Philly area within months of graduating. It's been a hard road for me here in Portland (I've lived in Portland since '93 and am raised in the Pacific Northwest. Villanova was an opportunity I just could not pass up). I moved back to Portland in Aug '09, took the NCLEX in Oct and started looking for work in December. FINALLY got a full time job in assisted care (in all honesty, I applied to about 50 positions). It's tough, no doubt, but if it's what you really want, you'll find a way to make it work! Best of luck to you in your final months of school and good luck with your move to Portland!
  4. by   darkbeauty
    Hi there MsPdx& hiddencat.....Was wondering how Portland is in comparison to the weather. I'm currently in Philly too, and am seriously considering a channge of location, environment& surroundings. My first priority is the WEATHER, then job market, then cost of living, then schools to further my nursing education. I'm a new LPN, licensed Oct 2009 with 3 months LTC experience. I'm looking to relocate next Spring or so....My preference is no brutal, icy winter areas!