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  1. Hi all! I'm in Portland OR and currently thinking about changing careers from the event industry to going back to school for my BSN. I'm hoping to work full time for a year, while taking my pre reqs, and then applying next year for OHSU's accelerated BSN program. My question is this - Since the program is full-time with no time for a part time job, does anyone have suggestions on how to make that work? I plan on applying for student aid/loans, but am not sure how money for rent/food plays into that. Would I have to get a bank loan??? Just wanted some advice from people who have been in the situation before.
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  3. by   Tweety
    Welcome to Allnureses. You posted to in the introductions forum to a thread that was over two years old. I moved your post to the Oregon forum, so perhaps you'll get more advice, I hope you don't mind.
  4. by   tofutti
    Hi Christy,

    Yes you can get student loans to cover your cost of living expenses too. The loans can be through a federal student loan program or a bank or wherever you like.

    Well worth it for an accelerated program, I would think!
  5. by   MomBSN
    You may want to check out some of the loan forgiveness programs as well. Some of the hospitals-nursing schools have established these programs....believe Providence is one. Also, at one time...OHSU paid for its employee's education...maybe worth looking into.