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Hi! I live in Portland, OR and want to apply for OHSU's accelerated bachelor's program for nursing, but there isn't a lot of information out there on it. I've browsed their website, but it doesn't... Read More

  1. by   rmfornursing
    Thank you so much pnlu007 for your two cents. Am looking forward to OHSU's decision!
  2. by   pnlu007
    hey guys, OHSU School of Nursing Twitter feed responded to my question regarding decision letters...will be sent out next week...they didn't indicate early week or late week tho...so no point in checking mail next few days...the wait continues!
  3. by   rmfornursing
    Oh dear, another week! I was really expecting them to send the letter this week
  4. by   berkeleygirl
    Wow, another week!? This is serious torture. Anyone know the class size for the absn program?
  5. by   pnlu007
    i know I am prolly a bit early for this question, but with the state of nursing demand I started doing research on jobs and such and trying to get an idea of what it will be like next year. It looks like some hospitals are ramping up there nursing residency programs for new grads again...but what I've found is that many of those programs begin in August, with application deadlines about April...This will likely exclude many people in June ABSN programs. Do you guys know anything about this stuff, or will we likely have to wait until the following year to have a crack at those programs. Im sure if the economy picks up and hospitals really need to hire, they will create and havve multiple starts...but as of now, from my research it looks like august...any thoughts?
  6. by   berkeleygirl
    For those who got accepted into the program, did you receive an email as well as a mail letter?
  7. by   rmfornursing
    Read some post from last year mentioning that the ABSN program has two different starting times (Summer & Fall). Do any of you know if it will be that way too this year?
  8. by   tigerlogic
    I was also told that they will be mailing out letters next week. I got a letter this week from Registrar and Financial Aid about a tax thing and was super disappointed it wasn't about admission ;(

    If they mailed them today on Friday the 13th, I wonder who's good luck would be someone else's bad? AH! Fingers crossed.

    The ABSN starts June 2012 and ends Aug/Sept(?) 2013. OHSU's three year/"slow Bac"/normal BSN program, not requiring a bachelor's and with summers off, starts in the fall. The letters for that one are supposed to come out June 1st. I applied to both but would much rather get into the ABSN.

    Good luck!
  9. by   mikkirod
    I know we're all sitting on pins and needles waiting. Good luck to everyone!
  10. by   rmfornursing
    I surely hope they mail out the letter Friday, so we can get it by Monday >.<. Am doubtful though! Been anxiously waiting for TOO long here sniffle..
  11. by   nwnursing
    I think they also had a fall ABSN cohort last year. They pulled a number of people off the wait list for the cohort, if I remember correctly.
  12. by   daruma
    Hi everyone, I'm glad I stumbled across this forum! OHSU's ABSN is also my first choice. This past week has also been agonizing for me. Admissions also told me around the 15th, so today being the last working day of the week, I was constantly checking my email throughout the day. Then I decided to call them late in teh afternoon, and they claim the're currently "processing" the decisions and should be sent out by next week friday via mail, which means it's possible to have to wait for another 1.5 weeks--yikes!

    ---rmfornursing, I know what you mean, this is rather late...2 months is not enough time to take care of things, esp when moving from out of state. Currently scouting out housing near OHSU/portland, anyone else on the hunt?

    ---berkeleygirl, I asked about email notification specifically and they said thorugh the mail.

    Best wishes to all of you.
  13. by   jessel02
    Thank you to everyone who keeps us posted on the latest admissions news. It is much appreciated. I too think that this time crunch is becoming quite unreasonable. For those who do get accepted, it looks like they will have less than two months to get situated. At least I'm just across the border in Washington State, but I couldn't imagine living much farther away from Portland.

    daruma - I have been casually browsing craigslist for apartments and rooms for rent. I'm not familiar with Portland, but I have a friend that lives there that said the neighborhoods of Beaverton and Hillsboro are ideal for OHSU students. If I'm lucky enough to get accepted I plan on making a weekend trip down there to look at places to rent.

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