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Well my letter from OHSU finally came. I have been put on the alternate list. I guess that is better than getting a rejection letter but I have no idea what my chances of being moved up to being... Read More

  1. by   gardenstt
    I have to chime in and say that I got denied, but congrats to those who are accepted! I'm guessing it was because I have Bs in A&P.... I am now counting on Chemeketa wholly to get it.
  2. by   Purkinje7
    Quote from katinthehat8914
    Congratulations you two! I just got a rejection letter (as so many of us who applied did). I met someone at my CCC interview yesterday who got on the alternate list for OHSU Portland and she was even a non-native English speaker, so she did really well to get a spot as an alternate! What things do you think helped you guys be one of the 32 chosen for the program?
    I'm hoping to hear good news from one of the three other schools I applied to!
    Hey Kat!

    Hope all is well! To answer your question, I could list off some specifics: I have a previous degree, 3.97 GPA, and while I am tentative to boast, I was really proud of how well I performed during my proctored essay. It sounds cliche, but I really was true to myself. So, these are just some specifics.
    What I'd like for you to know is that I too was rejected (from UCLA) before hearing word from OHSU. In fact, I had plastered my rejection letter with a quote by Henny Youngman that read: "If at first you don't succeed...so much for sky diving." I write this because if you can laugh at a rejection letter well, then you're just one step closer to being invincible ;-). So, I hope that you don't become mired down by one mere rejection but rather propelled forward with more motivation. All the best!!
  3. by   Purkinje7
    Quote from sc2634
    Congrats to the folks that have been accepted!

    I wasn't able to decipher from the posts if the accepted students applied to the traditional 3 year BSN program? I'm assuming so since the Accelerated BSN program starts in June. Anyways, are you guys living in Portland? I applied to the 3 year BSN program but live in California. I was curious as to when I would find out my status.


    I live in California too and received my acceptance letter yesterday.

    Best of luck!!
  4. by   katinthehat8914
    Thanks Purkinje7! I definitely feel better about not getting in. I have 4.0 gpa, but no previous degrees or anything. I'm cool with going to one of the community colleges I applied to, should I be accepted - which I'm hoping I will. : )
  5. by   goducks
    I just received my letter from OHSU Ashland informing me that I am an alternate. Pretty disappointing but there is still hope!! It would take some stress off if they at least let us know where we are on the waitlist!
  6. by   Al34
    Anyone get into OHSU Monmouth? If I don't get in to Chemeketa, then that's where I will be going. Would rather not have the expense of OHSU, but a part of me really wants to go there even though it's 3 years in the classroom rather than the 2 I was planning on. I figured I would start working (and making money!) while taking an online RN-BSN program.
  7. by   kiwiapple
    Al34 I am in the same boat as you.

    I got in CCC, PCC and OHSU and while me and everybody else want OHSU, the community colleges are much cheaper. Does it really matter though as far as looking for jobs between a student with 3 years in OHSU versus onw w/ 2 years from a community college but eventually finish the BS in OHSU? I am so confused which school to pick
  8. by   Al34
    It depends on the facility as far as if you need your BSN. I know Salem Hospital gives preference to BSN's. I don't know if it matters which route you took to the BSN as long as you have one. I figured I would go to a community college, hopefully get a job as an RN while taking online courses for my RN to BSN. So I could be earning a salary a year earlier, plus have spent a fraction of what OHSU is. Still.....I would love to go to OHSU.
  9. by   jeh212

    The letters of acceptance are arriving from OHSU for the 2012 OCNE program. I am looking to connect with other students who will be attending the Portland campus in the Fall of 2012.
  10. by   osuchris
    Hi there jeh212... I will be right there with you in September. Got accepted to OHSU and PCC today - but OHSU is too good of an opportunity to pass up. I am wondering about starting a FB group to connect there. I think the Acc program has one for the new cohort. Do you know how many people were accepted for the OCNE program?
  11. by   nedwards4
    If you by chance see this post....why did you decide not to go there?
  12. by   jeh212
    Hi - Chris, To answer your question regarding the number of students, I understand that there are 24 for the 2012 selection. Congratulations on your acceptance, and I will see you in September.

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