OHSU ER job prospects

  1. I am planning to move to Portland in the spring, ideally sometime in March and have been a little bummed about the job prospects so far as I haven't seen any ER positions open. I am an RN BSN with 1 year step down and almost 3 years ER experience in a very busy Level 1 trauma center in Atlanta, GA. I really only want to work at an academic hospital as I love the collaboration with the docs but like I said I haven't seen any postings at OHSU in the last two months. Anyone work there know if they are planning on hiring anytime soon or how I can get an in??
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  3. by   James75
    You could try travel contracts for a while around the area. Catch up on scuttlebutt and get to scout hospitals before committing.
  4. by   boywithacoin
    I don't know if the listing is still active, but there was recently some openings in the ED at the VA hospital, which is attached to OHSU and uses OHSU residents/interns.