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  1. Hi, I'm interested in applying for the accelerated BSN program at OHSU (2010 start) and was wondering if anybody out there has been through the process and has a better idea what OHSU is looking for when they choose students for the program. Aside from what's posted on OHSU's website (>3.0 gpa, pre-reqs, etc..) do you know if there's anything else they use, such as a point system, to determine who gets in? I'll be finishing my pre-reqs prior to matriculation, but I won't be done with them before I apply. Do you know how much, if at all, this would hurt my chances of getting in? Thanks a bunch.

    - Dusty
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  3. by   OregonBSN
    I've heard many who were accepted had Masters degrees...
  4. by   mleahk
    Hi Dusty- I am starting the acclerated program this June. I was put on the alternate list at first but made it in I think they go by a point system, as they did not accept letters of rec. I just finished the last of my pre-reqs this semester, so I wouldn't worry about that affecting your chances. The kickers, it seems- are GPA, your letter of interest, and experience. I have heard that around 25% of the admitted applicants have Master's degrees (I do), and that they only accept around 30% of each class from out of state (I'm from Colorado).

    Good luck!