New OHSU Student - Advice?

  1. I was recently accepted into OHSU, Ashland campus. For those of you that are current OHSU students or alumni, what advice do you have to give? This can be anything related to nursing school. What can I do to best prepare myself after having the summer off? I am 20, so I know I will be one of the youngest coming in.

    For those at Ashland's campus, do any of you know of anyone looking for a place to live? I have a 2 bedroom apartment that needs a room filled! I'd love it if I had a nursing student as a roommate!

    Thanks guys!
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  3. by   punkdmunkey
    Congradulations on your acceptance!
    Sorry I don't know the answer to your question but I also have a question for you. I plan on applying to OHSU Ashland campus this January and I was just wondering what kind of GPA did you have? And did you have any volunteer experience? I am a sophomore this year and I'm really nervous about applying. If you can put my mind at ease, I would very grateful to you. Thanks.
  4. by   LC5289
    I had lots of volunteer experience. I volunteered for about 4 years at a therapeutic riding center, at the emergency department at our local hospital, and Volunteers in Medicine for 6 months. I'd highly recommend you start volunteer in places like that. Also, I believe my GPA was a 3.7 or 3.8 or so. Not 4.0 like some! I have a lot of traveling experience unlike many so I wrote about that in my essay. If you have any other questions, just ask! So far I love Ashland and am really glad I am going to be going to school here.
  5. by   RNmb
    First off, Congratulations! I graduated from OHSU-La Grande in 2008 and though it was a great school, my advice would be to be ready to advocate solely for yourself. The instructors were great, but most also had other practices and I really had to work hard to have the experiences that I did. Learning the practical part of nursing was fairly easy, but I had to fight for which areas I wanted to see. Also, keep every piece of paperwork you have because it seems that they need it several times. I hope this doesn't scare you, OHSU really is a great school and the number one thing it teaches you is how to advocate, which is what a nurses needs to be able to do anyway. Good luck!

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