NCLEX Review Center in Hillsboro

  1. We will be moving to Hillsboro by July as my husband got a job there. I am a registered nurse from oversea and still in the midst of processing my papers with the OSBN for my NCLEX Examination. Does anyone of you guys that can recommend a good review center that is near to Hillsboro?
    Very much appreciated for an immediate reply...
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  3. by   Av03
    You can take Kaplan nclex prep online. It's cheaper than doing the sessions onsite. You get the lectures online and 7 practice exams that are very similar to the actual exam. You also get access to a question bank with over a thousand questions. Most of my classmates did Kaplan, and got 75 questions. There were a couple students that didn't leant to do Kaplan, and had 265. Hope that helps.
  4. by   tejon
    You can also work on practice questions with Saunders or even Kaplan. A book with a CD filled with questions and rationales will run around $40 or so. I found running through the questions to be the best study tool. A lot of it was simply learning how to answer a specific type of question - are you looking for a negative or a positive? Is there a safety issue somewhere? That really helped, since many of the questions were impossible to study for in any way. For instance, I had never heard of any of the 10 medications I got questions on, even though I studied pharm at great length before the test. No one in my class ended up taking any of the NCLEX review courses and we all passed (most, including me, with 75 questions). I would guess that since you're already a nurse, brushing up on the types of questions you'd find on the NCLEX would be sufficient,