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  1. I graduated from an ADN program on June 4th, took the NCLEX on June 9th and finally got my license last week (took them forever to do my background check). I had been applying for jobs for several months now. Mostly in hospitals on the coast and in Portland. We want to move back to Portland soon.

    Last week I kind of gave up all hope for a med/surg hospital position but have continued to apply and also adding to my list LTC facilities.

    Today, I finally got a long awaited call for a potential job. It is at a LTC facility east of Portland. Only weekends, hoping that maybe I could pick up some extra hours or if I work there long enough more hours become available. If I even get the job.

    Anyways, I was wondering if some of you veterans can give me some tips or information on what to expect during the interview. This wouldn't be my first job in health care. I have worked as a medical assistant for around 7 years before going to nursing school, and spent a short time working in a retirement home as a caregiver. So I am a little familiar with the sick and elderly. Just wanting to know what I should expect during the interview process for an RN!!!

    Kelly, RN (I love writing that)
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  3. by   Up2nogood RN
    What facility?
  4. by   KellT1203
    I would rather not say the facility. The job market in OR is bad enough. I name it here and I have that much more competition. Sorry, don't want to sound rude or anything but you want a job you do the research. Would be nice if you addressed my thread.
  5. by   ArmyWife11B
    This sucks I'm sorry. I haven't even gotten as far as you, I'm just a CNA..but I'm scared now, I guess this just goes to show that the "Nursing Shortage" is over... I don't know all that much, but in my opinion, if I were you I would maybe think about going back to school and doing RN to BSN, I think thats what most hospitals are looking for now.
    I wish you all the luck in the world!! (Idk if its to far for you to relocate to, but I heard Salem Hospital is about to hire 50 new grads?? just something you could maybe look into?)

    Katrina, CNA (...can't wait to be able to put RN there :P)
  6. by   KellT1203
    Armywife. Salem isn't that far really. Well...............kinda far from where we are at now. We live on the coast. Originally from the Portland area but moved out here so that I could go to nursing school.

    There still is a shortage, it is just not so bad in Oregon. On the Providence website there are TONS of jobs in Seattle, Olympia and Everette area. I think there are like 5 or more jobs there for every 1 here in OR. I think too they are on a hiring freeze right now. At least that is what I heard from someone I know who works in L&D for Providence.

    Don't be discouraged though. Still shot for the starts and continue with your dream of becoming a nurse. Nurses will always be needed. Nursing and teaching are the two careers that are thriving in the economy right now. Oregon just really sucks for the job market as a whole, not just for nurses. We are ranked the 44th WORST state for employment right now.

    I do plan on getting my BSN. I want to work while I obtain my BSN. I am almost 30, married for almost 2 years and I want to start a family while I am still young. I am the nurse who wants it all

    And you are not JUST a CNA. Remember that. You are a friend, someone to talk to, a therapist, a shoulder to cry on, I can go on and on and on. Always remember you are not JUST a CNA. You are a valued member of the health care team.