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  1. Hey guys! I just got accepted to nursing school at Umpqua CC. I am looking to move to Roseburg from Portland this summer!
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  3. by   BeccaLove0
    Congrats! I'm looking into moving to Oregon from Arizona.. how competitive was the application process for Umpqua? Did you have all your pre reqs completed? What grades? Did you have to apply years in a row?
    Thank you!!!
  4. by   Mollyelizabeth
    Hey girl, I'm from Arizona as well but I've lived here for 8 years. Unless you have a 4.0 GPA and healthcare experience your chances of getting into a program in Oregon are very slim! It's extremely competitive!! The program I applied to is in a small town and even then, there were 700 applicants.
    I was about to move back home to AZ because even with a 4.0 I was struggling to be accepted. I had all my prerequisites completed as well. I applied to 4 different programs and only was accepted at UCC. I'm shocked I even got in there. I feel very fortunate. If I was you, I'd stay in Arizona and just get on the waitlist!! Good luck!
  5. by   BeccaLove0
    That's what I've heard! I'm on the waitlist now in AZ.. no experience in the medical field and straight Bs not As lol.. I suppose I stick it out and finish school here then move! My soul desires cooler weather and green outside! I'm stir crazy in this waitlist! We are visiting Bandon, Or over Christmas for a week as my mother in law lives there. I've spent hours upon hours looking at the community colleges in Oregon the prerequisites the point system just dreaming of a different answer but always come back to the same conclusion that I need to just stay here and finish! Thank you for the info and best of luck to you