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  1. My husband is close to accepting a position in The Dalles, OR and I was wondering if anyone can tell me about the local hospital, Mid-Columbia Medical Center. Does it have a good reputation? Good place to work? Flexible scheduling? Can anyone tell me about the city of The Dalles? My sister lives in Portland, so we are familiar with all the tourist spots (Cannon Beach, Bend, Hood River), but have never been to The Dalles. Is the quality of life good? I've read posts in City-Data that refers to the people of The Dalles as "rednecks," but they don't define what a redneck is...this is hard for me to believe. What are the people like? Friendly? Liberal? Environmentally conscious? Any information or advice you can give would be greatly appreciated!!
    Thank you.
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  3. by   JROregon
    I wish I could be more helpful with this question. I've stayed in the Dalles once and driven through a couple of times to head over to the Deschutes river for rafting... so if you like white water rafting, you got that going for you. It is probably a pretty conservative there with mostly blue collar type jobs. The Dalles has warmer summers and colder winters than Portland and the Willamette Valley. I'm gonna guess the Google has brought a lot of young, smart blood into this city. Mid Columbia is a Level III trauma center so all of the serious cases will go to Portland. It's just your basic hospital focused on patient care. If you like water sports, skiing or rafting, this will be an awesome location. If you are used to a big city, you might feel trapped : )
  4. by   cardiacnurse9063
    My grandparents use to live in The Dalles and I've been there many times to visit. I recently moved from Arizona to Portland. The Dalles is hotter, drier and has more snow that the Portland area. I've been to Mid-Columbia Medical Center and it is very nice. They have an affliation with OHSU. My grandmother was in there a few times and received good care.

    Moving from Arizona I'm not sure anyone can say there are rednecks in only The Dalles. Oregon is more of a rural area so there are more famers and such but the people there are very nice. It's a small town and has a small town feel but Portland and other bigger cities are close by. There is no lack of beautiful scenary and cherry orchards which makes it very nice.

    Best of luck to you and your husband.