MHCC Winter 2018 Cohort

  1. Hi all!

    I wanted to start a thread for the Winter 2018 cohort at Mt Hood Community College. Congratulations to everyone who was accepted!

    For anyone wondering: As far as I can tell, I had 53 points prior to the interview (I thought I had no chance!) and a 4.0 GPA. I obtained my CNA license after I applied, but mentioned it in my interview.

    I'm currently working as an esthetician, and I'm looking forward to enjoying the summer before we live and breath nursing school!

    If any future classmates see this, introduce yourself I figure it will be a good place to ask questions, offer support, talk about work/life adjustments and living situations, and just celebrate our hard work.

    See you at the June orientation!
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  3. by   Jmae14
    Hi casey1294,
    I have been accepted to the 2018 winter cohort but have not accepted my spot yet. Congratulations on your acceptance!!
  4. by   sarahrose321
    I got accepted to MHCC for winter term as well! I think we had the same interview prep (I was the one with the blonde hair sitting in the middle) I am waitlisted at CCC so I am waiting to see if they accept me before I send my acceptance to MHCC. Congrats!!
  5. by   Casey1294
    Yay! That's awesome, congrats! It's nice to have a back up option. I was also just notified that I'm on the CCC waitlist. I think my essay/interview was strong, but my hopes aren't too high since I didn't have those CNA points yet. Plus I just hate the uncertainty of it all lol. I'm going to stick with MHCC (not that it's a deciding factor, but I'm also loving the apartment options in that area!) Good luck getting into CCC, if not I'll see you soon!
  6. by   MaddisonRowlett
    Hello cohort!
    I too was accepted into the Winter 2018 MHCC program. I am beyond excited and so grateful!
    I went to the morning interview on April 19th. Were either of you in that session?
  7. by   Casey1294
    No, I interviewed on the 11th. Congrats!
  8. by   Jsylaart
    I was also accepted to the winter cohort and finally just confirmed on Monday! I can't wait to start the program and meet everyone. Has anyone made a Facebook page yet so we can all creep on/get to know each other? Haha
  9. by   MaddisonRowlett
    Hi there! congratulations! Can't wait to meet you!
    There is no facebook group that I know of...but if you create one, don't hesitate to post the info here...if you do I will likely reactivate my facebook account to get to know ya'll :]
  10. by   MaddisonRowlett
    Hello friends!
    I took Jsylaart's question and made it a reality. Our facebook group is: MHCC Winter 2018 Nursing School Cohort.
    Look forward to meeting more of you!
  11. by   Casey1294
    Seriously considering reactivating mine as well to get to know you everyone! Thanks for making that!
  12. by   Jsylaart
    Officially joined the FB group, thanks for making it Maddison!! Casey1294 you should re-activate so you can join!
  13. by   anh05f
    Hello all, I was wondering if any of you have looked at Mnt. Hood's estimated program cost and new what all these extra fees were for. PCC's run down isn't nearly as pricey. Mnt. Hood estimates $5,000 for lab, clinical, and standardized test fees. Lab fess I get but what are the clinical fees and what standardized tests (the NCLEX is listed a separate item so it's not that)?
  14. by   roseygibbs4
    Can anyone else tell me how many points you had prior to your interview and all your stats (gpa, work history etc). I'm applying this fall and would love to know what to expect. Also if you were waitlisted what number you were and if you got in? Thanks!!