Linfield College

  1. Has anyone attended Linfield College? What's it like?

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  3. by   Denie Weenie
    Hi Agape:
    I must tell my linfield story. Yeah, it is boring.
    I started out at Linfield in 1983. They had just incorporated the School-It was called Linfield/Good Samaritan School of Nursing.
    I lived in Newberg, went to school in Portland, and worked full time in McMinnville. I was always on the road, always tired, had no social life at all. After 2 1/2 years, I couldn't do it anymore.
    The school was just pulling everything together, and many mistakes were made. I ended up attending an Associate Degree program, did well and have worked as an RN since. But I'm getting old. I decided I needed to complete the program for my BSN. I am heading into my last year, clinicals etc. The school has, imo, improved considerably. The two instructers I have had are reasonable, extremely well educated, and fair. (I am doing the online courses.) I highly recommend the school.
    Denie Weenie