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Hi: I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about (IUON) the international university of nursing in St. Kitts? It sounds interesting but expensive. I have not heard of any clinical's in... Read More

  1. by   lynzsey11
    Very true. But in some cases, this is the best way to go about it, because there is no waiting list and you get in right away. I am also doing the study abroad program, so I will be getting the pell grant as well as my regular loan I took out. I took out 1 loan for this year, and next year when I go to Louisiana- I will not need a loan because I will get a free ride due to the fact that I had no income this year. It may be a pain to do it this way, but Ill still be done Dec '10 with my BSN.
  2. by   medgirl12
    Hi. I'm a student from the caribbean and I'm thinking about attending IUON. I am currently in st. Kitts.....i'd like to know if there is a program where you can meet with a current student to talk to them about attending the schools. I'm kinda nervous about attending with all the negative comments i'm seeing.
  3. by   soon2bern2012
    Would you mind contacting me to answer some questions that I have about attending IUON in St Kitts? my email address is harbourbarber.armke@gmail.com

    Thank You in Advance;
  4. by   cwhitener
    Just wanted to send a note. I went to IUON in 2006 to 2007, went on to sister school in the states. Grand Canyon University. IUON gave me a good start I sat for the NCLEX in 2009 and had my first job before I knew that I had passed the NCLEX.

    I think IUON could have used the Simulation lab more and the technology side of nursing is different between the two countries but nothing that can not be overcome. I currently work in ICU and have done well.

    The culture shock of returning to the States takes something to get use to, But I am so thankful for the training, the teachers and the small class room. It was difficult but good.
  5. by   medicine1234
    Hey everyone

    I was looking for some feedback about the school... I am interested in attending BUT its a international school

    is it a good school?
    is it easy to get work after getting your degree and certification?
    Has anyone worked in California after going to school here?
    Has anyone tried to enroll into a CRNA program after attending? any problems?

    I just want to ensure myself that I will be able to apply for a CRNA program and be able to work in California if I go to school here!

    Thanks everyone
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  6. by   missynurse
    i did one year at IuON and transferred for eight months in Puerto Rico. I passed the nclex on my first try.
    Another for profit nursing school do not throw your money away
  8. by   tessaurea
    I was just informed about IUON by my counselor and I am very interested in entering the BSN program in September 2012. I can see that many people on here have less than pleasant things to say about their experiences, but I know that they have made dramatic improvements to the program in the past couple years, so I was wondering if there were any recent graduates who could give me more information on the school or even share their experience with me? Thank you!
  9. by   npandres
    which school in puerto rico?
  10. by   npandres
    i to am thinking about going tp iuon in september, we should talk.
  11. by   kokoma111
    i want to attend but i am worried about the coat of tuition and housing,
  12. by   npandres
    i have recently looked into interamerican college in puerto rico. Im finding thats its alot more cost friendly(3000 sem) and the program is in english too and approved by NLNAC.

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