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Hi: I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about (IUON) the international university of nursing in St. Kitts? It sounds interesting but expensive. I have not heard of any clinical's in... Read More

  1. by   purex13oi
    I would not recommend keeping your current phone plan - you may inquire international fees, roaming charges, etc etc ( I don't know much but I wouldn't recommend it ). The school provides you with a free mobile phone, nothing fancy but it's good enough, as well as a calling card only good for about 10 minutes. The school itself has a Vonyage phone (I'm sure you have heard of it over those paid ads). The Vonyage phone allows you to make calls from here to back home, any time you want during the school hours which is a nice little bonus for us. There is also a program called Skype which you pay a fee monthly for roughly $12 bucks using your laptop, mic and/or webcam. there is also another great tool which is called the MagicJack - you buy this adapter from Radioshack or online and the yearly fee which isn't too bad (less than 75 bucks, but I can be wrong) and then a regular phone you want to hook the (MagicJack to any computer/laptop). The phone lines are not provided by the landlords here in St Kitts, some places do include free internet if you are lucky. Most of these apartments are furnished, some may have bare essentials, some have moderate and others are fully hooked up. My current place is not spacious but it's close to school, fully furnished, and a bonus. If your apartment does not have internet you can purchase internet and the Vonyage phone line - I'm not too sure how much it is, this you will have to look into to (google Lime Wireless, St Kitts or Cable Wireless). There is only 2 mobile phone companies Cable Wireless and Digicell (this company is a bit pricey). I recommend getting phone cards just in case, but there is always the Vonyage phone you can use in school, those 2 useful tools (MagicJack and Skype) , and then having Vonyage setup in your apartment. Most or majority of students use the Vonyage phone here and/or skype or MagicJack - this is much cheaper than purchasing Vonyage for your apartment. If you happen to have AIM, facebook - do drop your screen name or email - so I can answer your questions if you have anymore. When you go for your interview, would you mind using me as your referral =). Oh yes, how does your GPA look??? - If it it's a 3.0 + the school provides you from $500-$2000 scholarship money for each semester, if you maintain the grade of course.
  2. by   Ba2LaCa
    Wow, thank you again and again for all your help and info. I will definitely use you as a reference during my interview. My email is caramello333@yahoo.com. I think it will be easier to keep in touch that way. Thanks again!
  3. by   nsilgnen
    hey Purex let me ask you this. After yougraduate from the partner school can you sit for the NCLEX in Florida.
  4. by   purex13oi
    you have to look at their rules to see if u can use your license in that state - i think they call it reciprocity
  5. by   scuttles
    Geez'us. Not sure why people are asking questions that they should be beating the pavement to get themselves. If you feel happy and secure w/iuon...why aren't they supplying you with all the answers? ...yeah, whatever...I'm praying too.
    If you are hell-bent on going to iuon...know that Florida does not accept iuon credits. You will have to work 2 years in another state before you can work in a Florida state hospital. (state, not federal)...

    Yes, call the FSNB..call them. Ask them, heck ask to speak to the director. As of 3 weeks ago they are still adamant about not recognizing iuon as a valid school, much less a nursing school.

    Again, that 2 years (24 months). IF you try to endorse into FL from another state PRIOR to 2 years you will have to still go through having your credits evaluated by a accrediting company that FSNB uses, when they get to iuon credits you will be denied in FL. $300 down the drain.

    If you are planning on becoming a nurse, well then PLAN! Good you're asking questions about island life, great your getting your money in order. Hope you have a co-signer, federal aid doesn't apply. You have credits to transfer in and you think you're going to be there for a semester???? Think that one through. You believe they are going to allow you to take MedSurg 1 AND 2 w/i the same semester? Including clinic hours for both? hmmm, it is iuon... Have you asked admin for schedules? Yes, well good...wha? they can't email it to you?? odd... Why do you think they want to wait for you to get on island before they review your transcripts? yeah, bring photocopies of your orginals, along w/your orginals. You want to work in a certain state???? Well then, duh, call that State Board NOW!!! Find out what the hiring climate is currently... CA, most of the Utah compact states are in a hiring freeze (thats about 15 states), MD, PA, VA, TX are all in some kind of hiring s.l.o.w down. Meaning, they "might" have jobs, they just need to "wait for budget approval to hire nurses."

    Here we go again:: iuon is considered a foreign school (its NOT accredited w/any valid accrediting board). How did the other students avoid this? Well; 1) they dont list iuon. They apply to a state and the state only see: NJ, AZ, CO, etc (also know that almost every bsn partner school is a one shot deal w/remediation, and currently there is only one that MAY take on another class). yep, suckage... 2) ...ah forget it

    Best of luck to you and I hope JC holds ya close.

    ((standard disclaimer of being happy and joy-joy, JC and I have a tight bond, no extra prayers needed, oh; I am glad I went before the over-development of the island. I do miss Gong Beach))
  6. by   nsilgnen
    Hi SStars, i have a question. after you done with IUON do they automatically place you into a partner school of your choice or you had to go to the process of applying for the school then get accepted. Thank you
  7. by   Humanbeing69
    i am in need of some info. i have been trying to get into iuon for sometime. obviously the financial load is heavy every semester. i got accepted for 2009 by way of the fasfa loan but it does not cover the $17000.00 cost per term to go to the college. i'm only getting 7500.00 - 9000.00 of government loans per term. i dont mind the $90000.00 iuon price tag. what bothers me is i ran into insufficient funding on my loans. (this funding gap frustrates the whole process) any suggestions?

    also under "anticipated expenses for the adn program the cost of the college is $17,477, $16,427, $15,877 respectively. the itemized expenses are, tuition, room & board, transportation, books & supplies, nursing lab/testing fees, personal incidentals, air evacuation insurance, health insurance. what do you iuon students do with your personal expenses?

    purex 130i can you say what is heavy about your study load at the college?

    whatever comments & suggestions i can get from you guys will greatly be appreciated. i wish to get into this school. (the sooner the better)

  8. by   Humanbeing69
    Scuttles claims IUON is not accreditted. What is this statement based on? Where would a person go if they want to search into this rumor? I have not heard such a thing. Ill give scuttles his/her space but remember Mr Ross also had a medical school in Domonica & to claim or imply or suggest that IUON which is another one of his creations is some rinky dinky backward organization is like asking me to swallow an elephant. But I hold my restraint in the name of investigation. Im good at investigations.
  9. by   lynzsey11
    IUON is not accreditted. This is why we transfer to a partner school in the states. I have been at IUON since Jan 09, and I have no regrets at all. Yes, it may be frustrating at times with classes and schedules, but its bound to happen at any small school. And as we get more and more students it will get better, because the school will be better prepared. If anyone has any questions about the school, please feel free to email me. lynzsey@sbcglobal.net
  10. by   purex13oi
    The last person who made a comment about accreditation is correct (scuttles). IUON does have partner schools in the US - each semester IUON is in the process or does sign up a new partner school for us. Us as the students are allowed to transfer either in the last two or three semesters, depending on your choice of the partner school as well as speaking to the transfer representative. Hope this helps out, if any other questions feel free to ask away. As you have mention, do you daily investigation =)
  11. by   futurenurse102
    Im not going to IUON till they provide Financial aid grants. All you people are crazy for trying to get loans.... I would like to get my degree and get it over with but not until they provide us with pell grants. Only going through Louisiana college can you get a pell grant. And they sent out emails saying that President barack obama has signed it but why don't they know when its going to take place?
  12. by   lynzsey11
    IUON will be getting the title 4 funding next year. It is supposed to go into effect Jan 2010. But with anything else, that may be delayed as well. Citi bank is how the students get their loans (its how I got mine)
  13. by   futurenurse102
    Yeah I know the loans they offer but why take out so many loans when you could - get pell grants... why not take out a loan and then if you are approved for pell grant - when you don't have to pay that back? Don't get giped.

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