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Hi: I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about (IUON) the international university of nursing in St. Kitts? It sounds interesting but expensive. I have not heard of any clinical's in... Read More

  1. by   JamVybz
    whoever you are..U are a sad and bitter individual to say such a thing.....I will remember in prayers...
  2. by   gdbulletproof02
    I have just been accepted to IUON, and I am extemely excited. I am really excited and can't wait. I am going to look up housing on the schools website, is it a good place to look? What at the do's and don'ts for renting there? And how is the student teacher interaction?? Is there a lot of 1 on 1 or are there to many students addending for that?

    Any help would appreciated!
  3. by   G UNIT NURSE
    The cost of tution is too expensive for the type of education you get. It was a pretty cheap and crappy education- I know- my friends are nurses....Studying for the NCLEX was a nightmare- I basically had to teach myself. IUON does not give you the tools you need to be an effective Nurse. Plus, clinicals in St Kitts is also nothing special- it was a joke. IUON was a hardship- it's behind me- and I would NEVER do it again or recommend it to my worst enemy. My experience was horrible, yours may be better - I don't know- I am just telling you how it was for me 2008.
  4. by   G UNIT NURSE
    why would you go to IUON if you got accepted in OR? There are no benifits to attending the program at IUON.
  5. by   JamVybz
    I do not want to personalize or individualize any response placed or posted here....But one needs to call a spade a spade when its seen.

    G Unit Nurse honestly I scense more to what you trying to say...but this forum is not a place to form personalized attacks, what ever it is you went through IUON has come a long way as in Any New college/university which is green on the block. The school has had its faults and some real screw up times, but all of this has a root, and problems, causes One to become better and more efficient.

    Iuon has graudated many students, through the assistance of its partner school Iuon have earned its respect amongst new colleges and vetrans alike. St.kitts for goodness sake is an island what did you expect? Its not a U.S Territory so ones clinical experience will not be as seen on T.V life in the E.R kind of drama.

    The community and people are very open and welcoming, where in the U.S one can exercise The Nurse-Patient relationship without feared of being Sued?? I'v learnt to embrace newer cultures and experinces for wat its called.

    I am returning to Iuon this coming Semester, anD i will be pursuing the Caribbean Track Regional Commonwealth Boards/ Exam slated for April 2010, so that I can pratise either in Canada or Austrialia where Iuon currently have graduates employed too. Anyone considering that exam you can pratise in any Bristish Commonwealth Territories or Countries.

    People....Potentiate Nurses..Iuon have the facilities, have well trainned and qualified faculty members to facilitate ones growth..Its you that have to make it work for you, as they say you can bring the donkey to the well but you can't forced it to Drink.! Iuon....Am on board....and i am looking fwd to graduating in April 2010.

    if anyone wants to know more about Iuon feel free to contact me or post your response...I'll reply..

    GoD bless
  6. by   JamVybz
    I am a 6 semester BSN student...looking for a Roomate for the May semester? Anyone interested in saving money?
  7. by   gdbulletproof02
    I am transfering from another nursing program in California, and I have been to both and compared them. I think this program is a benefit to students who are seeking something different as to what we know as traditional. The school I attended in the California was horrible but I am not going to bad mouth them because each persons take on learning and school is different. I was also in the Navy and experienced a lot of things I hated but I would never bad mouth the Navy and I do not regret being a veteran of our United States. Just because something had a bad take on you it might have a wonderful one on someone else. I am not trying to agrue just looking in from outside the box because I have been there.
  8. by   JamVybz
    Well said..Thank you very much....
  9. by   JamVybz
    listen..i'v been there long enough to say that you gonna save more if u keep Ioun housing for 1 month or so..and then look for local housing..U will save much much more money...

    You may not need all this money that housing/room or boarding is estimating.When are u getting here?? I'v been here long enough.....
  10. by   nurse4lyphe
    I am also a graduate of iuon. My experience there was terrible. I would never do it again even if they paying me this time. They were very deceptive, so if u dont have anything in writing they'll say they didn't say it. When u graduate and want to go back to school prepare for the trouble u'll recieve. Alot of schools wont accept the courses taken there and others u have to go through alot for them to accept it. Your experience may not be the same as mine tho so u'll just have to see. However I recommend this school to no one (not even my worst enemy).
  11. by   scuttles
    Wow, where to start....wow...
    First yes iuon is a school that students that are really driven to succeed in nursing should attend. Yes, iuon has and is still going through "growing pains"....but...you mentioned iuon earning its respects from new colleges and "vetrans" (veterans), wow...after talking to professors at iuon, they and I would like to know what you are talking about. If you mean the visit by potential partner school, well that is what they call salesmanship.
    I had to call some of the instructors to clarify and make sure I was not off base here. So, lets clear up some misnomers.
    Everyone should know by now that St. Kitts is not a US territory or the 51st state. Going to iuon on St. Kitts you'll have a grand experience with dealing with really wonderfully friendly people, once they get to know you. Facts are facts, St. Kitts is a poor country. The see the foreign students as a source of income, and with some apprehension. We have the money, they need the money...so charging $1150 a month for a 15 year old clunker is within reason (yes, there are some fond funny moments). The iuon "housing" is a list of owners that have gone to iuon and placed their name on a list stating they have a room/house for rent. A iuon employer is suppose to go and check it out, make sure its "good." There is no discount. After you are on island and settled, and make friends, is when the joustling to lower the expense begins and you see 3-4 students to a place or 6 student go in to rent a $1150/month 15 year old clunker and put on a clown show everytime they arrive anywhere....
    The clinical s are, you are right, different than in the US. For starters you are dealing with patients more on a one-on-one basis. In the states we were running 4-5 patients in the final semester. AND EVERYONE will tell you, at iuon one is going to be a GOD in therapeutic communication. You go to the Cardin Home, the Grange, and sometimes to JNF and that's ALL you do. Yes, yes, there is the occasional blood sticks, the countless glucose sticks, heck I was even in to assist with a NG placement, took stomach residual to see if the ng tubes were set right, observed a birthing (normal and c-section)...all of which can be done in the states, maybe not as OFTEN...
    Others have mentioned "north american egos," its not that at all. Or some desire to run a full code as a nursing student and getting handed a Nursing Degree afterwards for saving the life; that someone saw on a ER dream episode... Call it a spade that is a spade, the expierence is nice, but lacking in the full dynamics one would get if they stayed in a stateside school. From expierence, when you get to a stateside school you will see the "night-and-day" difference. So, its not a ego issue, or a new cultural issue, it is a issue with being prepared. Yes, again the Kittians are wonderful.
    Now the facts of this following statement are false in regards to the employment part of this statement.
    Quote from JamVybz
    ...the Caribbean Track Regional Commonwealth Boards/ Exam slated for April 2010...either in Canada or Austrialia where Iuon currently have graduates employed too.
    Per my conversation with the Dean and some of the professors at iuon, there are NO students working in Canada or Australia (if you meant the "Land Down Under"). There were only 4 students that took the Caribbean Track, 3 passed. 2 went back to Jamaica where they are from the other to a country in Central America. Canada, well brace yourself cause it is not pretty for iuon, was were about 10 Vietnamese students went to because their financial support disappeared and the promises made by the upper echelon never materialized for them to continue at iuon. There are even a few students from Africa that are stuck on St. Kitts. When the banks pulled the loans out we all were affected, and promises made by the iuon head office, again, never materialized. A few of the students have sought St. Kitts citizenship. Just another "growing" pain? hmmm suckage is more like it.
    You have to remember, nursing school is considered a undergraduate program, so it is a lot harder for private banks to give out loans, especially now. There are no federal (USA) loans that were usable for a non-American school.
    To sum it all up. If you are driven to get your degree, then yes, this is a option. Can you make the most of it? sure. Is it worth it? .......
    You have to believe me when I say, iuon did not prep us for nursing, they are too easy. Making a pinata as a Mental Health final isn't exactly what we should be "challenged" to do. We had a student fail clinical's, and passed on to the next semester. Teacher knew of a student that made a medication mistake and allowed them to pass and move on. Both without any actions taken. No accountability. (yes, its on the teacher/dean, but ask yourself what kind of environment is that to get a NURSING education)

    Out of my class that hit iuon and went on to passing from a partner school, all have passed the nclex. They did it.
    We pass the boards because we knew, we realized, we understood, that iuon did not do their part, it was on us to know the material. We stayed up in all-night study sessions, we supported each other, we waited outside the testing door praying and worrying, "we"....and we would not suggest to anyone to go to iuon.
    Again, make your own decision. On this forum there are a lot of post about NOT attending. There are those like yours. Then there are those that just want to forget about iuon, only say they graduated from KY, NJ, AZ, and never mention their stint in iuon, put the proverbial "happy face" on and nod yes and smile and walk on/change the subject to the weather.
    ...no its not bitterness your reading, just disappointment in my education. And thanks but JC and I have a great relationship already...
    If you're accepted in a stateside school, go there.
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  12. by   Ba2LaCa
    Hi all!

    Thanks for all the previous posts about IUON (both positive and negative)! I just attended an info session yesterday and am looking foward to enrolling for fall 2009 either through IUON or the LC college option for studying abroad. Can anyone (enrolled or graduate) give me further advice regarding ball park figure for total amount of loan needed for the 2 years all together (St. Kitts and U.S affiliated School), cost of housing (affordable apartment in safe area), what area to live (close to the school bc no car). Any suggestions will do bc I want to weigh out my options and be prepared. Thanks in advance!
  13. by   missynurse
    My experience attending IUON was positive for the most part. Some people attended IUON and just partied every night and got drunk on weekends and expect to pass their exams. It probably can happen but with very poor grades. I graduated IUON with 3.8 GPA and transferred to USA parthner school along with other colleagues and we have all passed the NCLEX on the first try. IUON education is on paw with any USA teaching instituion, they all have the same degrees. On the down side the clinical experience is not the greatest, however, the parthner school compensate for any deficits in hands on experience. Contact me about any other specific questions.

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