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I was on the Oregon Board of Nursing page today and I saw that ITT Tech in Portland has been granted "initial approval" for an Associates in Nursing program!!! I called ITT to get more information,... Read More

  1. by   Arnp39
    new grads might be plentiful were you are but I still see a shortage...
    more importantly a shortage of quality people.

    I never had a problem.. Even in a flooded market finding a job.
    pur cohorts will move on to advance Practice or retire.. Leaving room for the young bloods
  2. by   Arnp39
    When I worked at the bedside it was in a local hospital "known" for being difficult to get a job in.. Even when we were short.

    our phlebotomist went to this program .. Graduated.. Was eligible to and successfully sat and passed her boards.
    was hired by the same hospital mentioned above.
    people need to chill with their judgement... I have been in the field for decades...
    the landscape is changing like quick sand.
    when I started online and computer based education (or testing for that matter) did not exist.
    i know many people that cannot get into the pipeline of the local community college.. The difference in lost earnings alone could make the difference in any cost of education.
    my daughter is active duty.. Looking at getting out and going to nursing school.
    she too has many pre-req's completed..
    thus decreasing the cost and time for her.
    also so many state and private colleges are selling their credit hours and degrees at quite a premium these days.. So that gap narrows.
    i think pay to play has a different connotation now.
    i think it means
    1. You get what you pay for
    2. You actually get to get in the sand box and play.. As opposed to watching others play.
    i for one as a very seasoned nurse judge my colleagues on their individual merit.
    i sadly have met "traditional students" I would not let touch me or my family...
    lets answer or cohorts questions.. Instead of cautioning against a bogey man .. That does not have the power he once did..
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  3. by   bright6758
    Hello Everyone,

    I would like to reiterate what several others have already stated as well as contribute to the conversation as I am a former ITT Nursing Faculty member.

    As per the employee contract I signed with ITT, I am not able (allowed) to disclose my previous location other than to say it was NOT in Oregon. However, I can tell you that I graduated from Chemeketa Community College and transferred to University of Portland for my BSN in the 90's. Oregon is home to me, despite the fact that I now live in the Midwest. Years after completing my BSN, I finished an MSN in Nursing Education and am currently working on a DNP (FNP). I have never regretted my decision to become a nurse!

    Like many of you, I deliberated considerably regarding my academic choices to achieve my dream of becoming an RN. I fully understand the many dynamics and variables related to some of your choices and impending decisions. The best advice I can provide is to say:

    1) Do your homework-by this I mean RESEARCH the school you plan to attend. Ask the "difficult questions" for which another post alluded (i.e. ask about clinical sites and criteria for clinical sites). This has been a matter of considerable discussion on this site, as well it should. It is IMPERATIVE that you completely understand what you are getting into (tuition costs versus experiences and employability potential).

    2) Go to the OSBN website-this is your State Board of Nursing, you will find a subsection that regulates and reports on Schools of Nursing within your state. NOTE if there are any sanctions, consents, provisional approval status etc. for ITT (not just in Portland, but for your entire state). Many ITT Tech Nursing Programs have sanctions and consent agreements in various states. This in part, establishes the "unspoken" reputation of the institution (ITT Tech in general). Unfortunately, while your school may be a perfectly fine facility and academic institution locally or even regionally, overall the reputation of ITT and many "for-profit" schools are less than stellar.

    I only say this to warn you-buyer beware. If you move to another location or state where the job market is not be as favorable, you may have difficulty finding employment.

    3) Reputation matters- this applies to the previous comments noted in #2 above. While I read the comment from a "recruiter" in the thread, I need to stress that as a previous unit manager, program director, as well as an educator at OHSU, I would consider where a student obtained their degree as it IS relevant to their educational experience and can be a realistic indicator of their potential performance! It provides information in relation to what to expect (capabilities, skills, knowledge, and attitudes) from a new grad. All things considered, it makes sense to staff a department/unit with the best nurses possible (those that have the most experience in hospital settings, have graduated from rigorous nursing programs with high academic and performance standards, and can function optimally utilizing QSEN competencies).

    However, I fully understand that not everyone is able to attend a 4-year University. Many may not have the ability to wait years on waiting lists. Be careful and do your due diligence in researching your options.

    I can tell you from my experience as a nurse and as an educator, there is no substitute for hard work. The adage " get out what you put in" is relevant. I think a student can be successful regardless of the avenue for which they take to complete their goals. Some roads may require more time, more financial obligation...they all will take tremendous sacrifice and dedication. That's what it takes to be a GOOD nurse.

    Best of luck to all nurses and aspiring students, only you can decide what is best and the "right" choice for you. Please use your critical thinking skills and inquisitively research your options.

    You can achieve your dreams!!! NEVER GIVE UP.