Inquiring about the union

  1. I am currently working at a non-union hospital in Medford. I am wondering what union members think of their union. Do they think it is worth the trouble and money to belong? Has it really helped them in their employment?
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  3. by   mark hamel
    Well,well, is a labor union good for RNs . Yes ,,,,if your suits in charge are liars and cheats! Up the road from Medford, Roseburg RNs are organizing with Oregon Nurse Assn. to take care of this problem................
  4. by   mark hamel
    What happen to my smilie icon......:chuckle
  5. by   mark hamel
    Good news for the Mercy RNs in Roseberg, they voted to unionize.......:hatparty:
  6. by   Mayladybug
    I am an LPN and was a union member at the hospital I worked at in WA. Now, back in Oregon, in a hospital that the LPN's are NOT union, I am finding it to be a challenge. The contracted RN's get better shift diff, better weekend diff, they are given 2 hours notice for low census and their low census is monitored for fairness of who had it last.

    I get floated whenever they choose. They will give me only 90 minutes notice of being low censused. There are no records of who was low censused when, and who's turn it is. I gave up working evenings cuz the shift diff was a laugh.

    I personally preferred having a union to back me up.
  7. by   weetziebat
    I'm an RN in Eugene, and I love our union. It fights for us and we have benefits I've never even imagined in non-unionized jobs. Yeah for unions!!!
  8. by   flpsychnurse
    Go union. No one else takes care of nurses.
  9. by   maree77
    Please share to what hospital you are working at! Thanks! I will only work in a union hospital too. Totally fair and right is what you get.