Concordia University, Portland OR

  1. Hi,
    I'm hoping to get into Concordia's program next summer, I'm a "transfer sophomore" starting this fall. I'd love to hear from anyone who has taken the entrance exam - Did you use the Kaplan study guide? Any other advice as to getting into the program? What are your thoughts on the program now that you've made it in? Did you/are you working as a CNA while your in school? Do you think volunteer service somewhere helps?

    Thanks for your advice,
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  3. by   Chellerella
    Did you get in? I'm in the same position this year and am curious if the sophmore advantage really is an advantage...

    Please let me know...

  4. by   Kesha03
    hi im in this exact same position and could be starting there this fall as a sophomore please share with me your experience and if going there as a sophomore helped you with getting into the upper division classes for nursing?
  5. by   SammieCakes
    So, I transferred in as a sophomore, took a years worth of classes through Concordia to be considered for the "sophomore advantage" and got in this year. I did use the Kaplan study guide, but I felt that it didn't help as much as I would have hoped. They allow you to use a built in calculator for the test, so as long as you remember basic math rules, you should be fine. I did VERY well on the Kaplan. 100% in math and high 80s in the other subjects. I have a friend that did awful on the Kaplan, but did very well on the interview portion, and she got in as well. Hope this helps