CNA relocating to PDX in a few months

  1. Hello all!
    I am planning to moving to portland January 2011. I want to star fresh, but will be saving up for a deposit before the = ) I am a CNA I and was wondering if it was unheard of to make 11.50 a hour, full time as a new employee? I have been doing a lot of number crunching and figured that if I want to live somewhat comfortably, I need to be making about that amount. In January, I will have had exactly 6 months experience in a LTC facility. I am planning on going to nursing schools, but that's all later.
    Any advice from CNAS in the close in (se/ne, NOT gresham, beaverton,etc) portland area is much appreciated! -L
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  3. by   Joyfull77
    I did my CNA training at Prestige Care and they have locations all over just go to Retirement Living Communities | Assisted Living Skilled Nursing - Prestige Care, Inc and look under employment opportunities. The pay varies depending on the location but the range is anywhere from 11.00 to 13.00 and there are differentials. You also might want to check out hear that their cna's can make 14.00 per hour, but don't quote me on that! If you have your CNA II, you can apply to hospitals in the area.
  4. by   AnonymousNurse45
    You can also sign-up with Integrated, or similar type medical staffing agency. They will pay $15-$17/hour depending on experience, plus weekend/noc shift differentials. I am not sure how busy they keep their employees, but I would assume people can get enough hours as Portland is pretty big.
  5. by   navyamy
    You should not take less than that ($11.50). Check out Marquis facilities. There are quite a few around the Portland area. You should be able to find full time plus! Marquis Companies | Licensed Home Care For Elderly, Custom Care Home Health Services, Senior Home Care, Caregiver Jobs, Assisted Living Housing
  6. by   Serendipia
    Hello all,
    Thank you so much for your replies! I have been looking around and have a pretty good idea of what the market is up there. I am trying to get into a CNA 2 position, but everyone wants at least one year of CNA experience. I guess I can just start out as a CNA then work my way up. I cannot wait to move to portland! = ) L.