Clark College Nursing Program?

  1. Hi,

    I live in Portland but in January I am starting the RN program at Clark College in Vancouver.

    Are there are any former, current, or future Clark students here? I'd love to get some insight into the program from someone who's been there, or perhaps get to know some folks who will be starting there this year.

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  3. by   lilredrn
    I posted before I looked at your post date. lol. Silly me. I start this year. So how was it???
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  4. by   Kevin EMT
    Hi just wanted to know the average time it took to become accepted into the nursing program. Thanks
  5. by   lilredrn
    I applied while I was in my second quarter of A&P. I didn't have A&P I or II done, nor did I have my CNA. I was in the highest grade bracket as far as points go, and I got in the first time I was up for selection. So I finished A&P in August quarter & I started the RN program in January. It barely gave me enough time to get my CNA & do all of the entry requirements!

    I'm not sure about the average. If you look at and click on statistics, it will give you an idea as far as points required. I got in with 43 in April selection. Good luck!
  6. by   ramin
    anybody knows the classes or enclex in orgean

    is clark college have enclex classes in orgean
  7. by   ramin
    i want enclex classesin oregon specially in portland
    any body tell me where
  8. by   Tinker Bell RN
    Pacifica: how do you know you are starting the Clark RN program in January? They haven't sent out acceptance letters for the January start date yet (application due date was April 1). Just curious because I am waiting to see if I get accepted for the January 2010 start date but have not received my letter. I have 47 points and according to their website, 100% of students with 46 and above have been accepted.

  9. by   SushiOConnor
    I wonder if anyone is still checking this thread out? I applied for Jan 2013 and I had 41 points. Statistically, I think I'm on the fence for the winter start. However, I think I'll have a really good chance if I apply again for the Spring or Fall 2013 entry dates.

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