Chemeketa 2009 Applicants

  1. Hi! I thought I'd start a new thread to see if there are any 2009 Chemeketa applicants on here.
    I was an alternate last year and am hoping to be accepted in this year's program.
    Just thought we could touch base and "nail bite" together. Haha...
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  3. by   Fizzylou
    I just got my score...310. I imagine everyone who didn't apply last year is right there with me. I hope there aren't a ton of people who live in the district!
  4. by   jenniedennise
    Hi! Fizzylou!

    I applied last year and had 310 - and totally had the first 2 tie-breakers - so I was expecting to be in. I heard they had to go to a random selection round and I was in the teens on the alternate list. Talk about a let-down! I assumed that's why they did the essays this year - so they'd have another tie-breaker round that is more subjective than a random selection method.

    So, this year, I have 315 - which I'm really thinking HAS to get me in this year!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed though.

    Good luck! I hope you get in!!
    Which campus did you apply for? I put a preference for McMinnville - I live in Newberg - but now I'm kind of worried about their teaching method with the TV set-up.

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  5. by   Fizzylou
    I put Salem, but I can't recall if I said either campus would be fine. I am commuting from Corvallis so I wanted to stay as close to home as possible.
    My essay about gave me a heart attack...I stared blankly at the screen for about 5 minutes before remembering what I had to say but I think I managed to pull it out of the fire at the end. I'm not holding my breath about getting in (yeah, right) but I do wish that they would send out their letters around the same time as everyone else. Waiting til the end of June sucks!!!!
  6. by   jenniedennise
    I hate the wait also!
    There's the other thread on here for Portland schools where most of the people have heard back already.
    I'm hoping that once they get the scores finalized on Wednesday, they'll get the letters out soon.
    I remember last year they got the letters out way earlier than the estimated date they had given.
  7. by   tb_pdx
    Anyone else get their essay score?
  8. by   Fizzylou
    Can we see our essay scores somewhere? That would make me feel a little better.
  9. by   jenniedennise
    I was under the impression that we weren't going to get to see our essay scores. They're just simply going to be used as a tie-breaker. I haven't seen mine anywhere.
  10. by   tb_pdx
    i guess i misunderstood what they meant when they said we would be able to access our scores. the wait is killing me!
  11. by   Fizzylou
    Oh...darn. I got all excited there for a minute. You can see your application score, though. Hurry up and be June already!!!
  12. by   jenniedennise
    YAY!! I'm in! I just got the letter today and somewhat panicked because it was in a "little" (normal-sized) envelope. I made my husband open it for me. LOL I'm going to be in McMinnville's program.

    Did either of you get your letters yet? I'm crossing my fingers for you!
  13. by   tb_pdx
    Congrats!!! I got in too!!! I'll be at the Salem campus. I'm so glad that the wait is OVER and I can start planning to start school!
  14. by   jenniedennise
    Congrats tb_pdx!!

    Yeah, I'm already attacking that book list. A previous student told me to plan for around $1000 for books Fall term. I haven't got them all priced yet, but for the most part, they're coming up at least 1/2 off in the new/used section of Amazon. I haven't checked allibris and yet.

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