CCC A & P teachers - anyone had Watson or Kop?

  1. I'm signing up for A & P for the Winter semester, and there are a lot fewer choices since most students start A & P in the Fall. Everyone recommended Espino, but he's not teaching A & P I next semester - Watson and Kop are. Of all my classes, I need a really good professor for this one! Has anyone had either Watson or Kop, and if so what did you think? I'm registering on Tuesday.
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  3. by   tofutti
    Watson: Is he a rockstar of an a&p teacher? I don't know. But I took him for another science class, got an A, and enjoyed his personality a lot. When his lectures wandered into a&p type topics, I could tell he knew a lot about it.

    If it were me, and I am intense...I would stand outside Kop's 231 class that he's teaching this term and ask his students what their impression has been. Then I would attend both teachers' lecture on the first day of school next term to test drive them. After all, you're going to be playing ball with this instructor for nine months. He could be the one writing your letter of recommendation for nursing school, or deciding your fate with an A or B which could affect you getting into a program or not.

    I found with a&p I mostly had to teach myself, so I looked for instructors that were organized, efficient and fair. If they taught well too, that was a bonus.

    Good luck!
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  4. by   tejon
    Thanks! Don't care if he's a rock star or not, just need someone who knows their stuff and can pass it along well. I got another recommendation for Watson as well, so I'm all registered. Wish me luck :spin:
  5. by   tofutti
    Tejon, You got it: Good Luck!

    I'm pretty sure you're going to be happy with him. He's a very kind & patient person, and is good at explaining things with cartoony analogies where he attributes human personalities to molecules and body parts to explain how processes happen. (the cell likes to do this, so it tries to do that, and the helper wants to do this, so it goes over here and gets this stuff, etc.)

    Have a great term!

  6. by   OregonBSN
    I took all my A&P classes from Kop and earned an A all three terms. I think he is a great teacher with a really laid back personality. He may not be as dynamic as Espino but he's a good teacher. The fact is all the professors lecture from the same set of notes and I believe Espino is in charge of most of the exam writing. You do have to put in a lot of time outside of class. Do your reading and your objectives and you'll be well prepared for exams.
  7. by   tejon
    I ended up talking with my Bio 112 teacher (Bown - I really love her teaching style!), and she recommended Kop. She felt his style would be a better fit for me than Watson, so I switched sections. I'm really liking Kop so far - he adds a lot to each lecture beyond the lecture notes, which helps me put it all together. I have a few friends in Watson's section who are doing well with him, too, so it looks like either choice would have been just fine. I'm getting a high A so far, so all is well. Just don't ask if I have any life outside of school at the moment!
  8. by   AKav8trix
    Quote from tejon
    I ended up talking with my Bio 112 teacher (Bown - I really love her teaching style!)
    Bown is awesome!! Had her for my biology classes years ago. Came across this thread and just had to post something when I saw her name mentioned.

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