Canadian new bn grad looking for work in oregon. Any advice?

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    First of all, I am so excited to find What a fabulous way to get connected with the issues. I am a new grad from University of Manitoba in Canada (BN - equivalent to BSN). I recently moved to Gresham/Portland area as my husband is attending Chiropractic College. I am hearing some nightmare stories about new grads finding jobs out here. Any advice would be so greatly appreciated!

    I am wondering whether I should first write my NCLEX (I have passed the Canadian exams) or find a job before writing?? Does anybody know of even a rural area in Oregon that is hiring new grads?? I am willing to move anywhere in Oregon or Washington. I am also willing to work in clinics, geriatric homes, whatever is available. I enjoyed most of my rotations so that is not an issue.

    I love nursing and am hoping I can stay in the same location as my new husband! Any advice?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Better to be licensed by state first and passed NCLEX before looking for a employer. Do you have authorisation to work (ie is your husband a USC) otherwise you will also need a VSC or TN visa and for that you need a US license or pass in NCLEX ?
    Thank-you very much for the reply I do not have a VISA to work...basically the Oregon Board of Nursing told me to write my NCLEX and then find a job in which they provide me with the necessary paperwork to be able to work out here. However, I am now hearing that some individuals out of country secure their positions before they write so that they know they are not writing for nothing. The reason I am considering trying to secure a position first is because I am wondering whether it is too difficult as a new grad to even find a job! My other option is to go back to Canada for a couple years to work in order to obtain the experience necessary however, I really don't want to move away from my husband. Thank-you again. I will definitely continue on in the NCLEX process.
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    The thing is you will do better to get a license in the US or at least a pass (not all states will issue a license without a SSN) Employers will want to know that you have passed NCLEX so they are not wasting their time or waiting

    There are a few threads in the International forum that discuss the TN visa and requirements

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