Anyone going through Excelsior In Eugene?

  1. Passed test 1 and wondering if anyone in the area is looking for a study partner or group?
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  3. by   texas_lvn
    I am in Texas, and am in the process of being admitted into the college. How long did you study for test one, and what did you do? Congrats on passing!!!
  4. by   tamtam62
    Hi I just joined this site today. I am more than likely going to go through excelsior to get my RN. Eventually going somewhere to do the CPNE. I am in the process of applying and beginning the program(just waiting for my transcripts to come to me )It looks like I will have to take one prereq,so I should be able to start on NUR concept one fairly quickly,maybe we can hook up ?
  5. by   texas_lvn
    tamtam, what prereq do you have left?
  6. by   tamtam62
    Hi there, I am waiting for my transcripts, and an evaluation, looks like i might have to do life span Development
  7. by   texas_lvn
    I am doing micro right now. I plan on finishing this by Christmas and starting nc1 Jan.2nd. I plan on giving myself 3 weeks per nc. Studing at least 2-3 hours 5-6 times a week. Do you already have the books?
  8. by   tamtam62
    No actually I don't...I'm waiting to make sure I have to take this course first
  9. by   circusdog64
    I see this is a old post, are you graduated now?