Advice please.....application process

  1. I'm feeling a bit down at the moment because I just found out I got a B in my Writing 122 class.

    I guess I'm looking for some comparisons when it comes to grades to those who have been successful getting into a nursing program.

    Here are my grades so far:

    A&P 1 & 2----both A's (I am taking A&P 3 now)
    Math 95----A
    Writing 121----A
    Writing 122-----B
    Psyc 237 (taking this fall)

    My cumulative GPA is a 3.6 right now and IF I'm able to get an A in my psyc class then I will be looking at a 3.76 for my nursing pre reqs.

    I will have my CNA certification by the time the applications are due but I will not have many hours of experience built up by then.

    Has anyone with similar grades/experience get in to a program in the Portland area?

    I was going to be apply at MHCC (where I'm getting my pre reqs done), CCC, PCC and Linfield but now I'm not sure if it will even worth applying with such a low GPA and lack of experience on my part. I'm so scared of the rejection part of applying and fear that I will let my nerves get the best of me on interviews (IF I get one!)

    Any tips/motivation appreciated! Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   LoveMyBugs
    Yes you can get in with that GPA, just cast a very wide net, apply to as many schools as possible.
    It really depends each year on what your competition is like.
    It took me 3 years of applying to get into a program
    the 2nd year that I applied to CCC I was only a few points away from the interview cut off, so I re - took some classes became a CNA, to bump up my points for the following year. I next year I applied I missed the interview cut off by more then 10 points because there were people who had the max amount of points.

    Just cast a wide net, PCC, CCC, MtHood, OHSU, Linfield, Walla Walla, Clark, Portland State, Chemeketa