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Our physicians frequently order meds to be given IV or PO. We are not sure how to enter this order on our e-MAR.

If we enter 2 orders (1 IV and 1 PO), there is a danger that the drug might be given both ways (even if we add a note: "give IV or PO").

If we enter the PO order and wait for nurses to tell us if they need the drug IV, there is a necessary delay in getting the med to the floor.

Some (but not all) of our physicians say we should not accept such an order!

Any suggestions?

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Keep having both available and on MAR, maybe highlight/larger print, that both areordered, but it is a necessity with certain patients that both are available.....

yes, I know also safety, that is why 5(or is there 6 now) checks when giving patient medications.


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We get thoses orders and our pharmacy makes mars for both, with somthing like "or IV" "OR PO" in big type, lets hope the nurses you work with are smart enough (thye ususally are) to relalize that it's one or the other, and only gives it one way.

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