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Hi - I'm a "first timer" here, so I apologize if I'm asking this question in the wrong forum, but I have an oral contraceptive question that I'm looking for information on. . .I recently (last month) switched from the brand name Ortho Novum pill to the generic Nortrel pill. . .this past week would've been week 4 when I normally would've had a period. Well, I haven't, and I don't believe I'm pregnant - and a pregnancy test this morning was negative. I've also been experiencing headaches at the top/back of my nech - right at the base of the head. . . .I'm trying to figure out if this is all related - and if it's a result of the change in pills, or if it's something else. . . .any thoughts??

Thanks so much for any insight you can provide.



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Just from personal experience I will say that not all Contraceptive pills are created equally.

My best friend had numerous problems in trying to find an oral contraceptive that did not leave her with side effects. She had problems with breakthrough bleeding, breast pain, abd. pain, severe pms and too top it off while she was taking one of them she was still ovulating, much to her dismay.

You may want to discuss this with your doctor. Especially if you are having headaches.

I found this remark on an article regarding women's health.

"Women who use oral contraceptives should have their blood pressure closely monitored, although the risk from oral contraceptives is much lower than it was previously because the amount of estrogen and progestin in today's pills is significantly less. Women with high blood pressure who smoke and use oral contraceptives face a 10-15 times greater risk of stroke. "


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Please note I am not an RN but a nursing student but I would say that if you are having symptoms that are not normal for you, contact your doctor to rule out anything else.

That said, there are all kinds of side effects from the pill. It seems many people get lucky and have no problems and some just have a really difficult time with them. I personally had serious issues with weight gain, high BP and extreme emotional PMS despite trying 3 different types.

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