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I am a foreign trained nurse and I've been out of nursing for about 9 years raising a family. I've just taken and passed the NCLEX.(first time)

My background is in Med/Surg back home. I'm now considering going into Telemetry or OR. The hospitals I'm considering will train. Which area is best for an old timer who's been out for a while. I'm so nervous about returning; I'm nervous about making a fool of myself. I don't want to return to Med/Surg as I think at my time in life I want to specialise and don't have the time to be messing around. All advise most welcome.

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Don't be nervous and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Some telemetry units, like my own are basically med-surg telemetry patients. The cardiac telemetry/progress care cardiac patients are on another floor. If it's cardiac you're interested in go for PCU.

OR is a specialty area, usually requirement training classes and precepting that starts at certain times of the year throughout the year. If you can't get in a class right away, consider going to a post-op med-surg floor temporarily until something opens up, that might get your feet back into it.

Good luck and again congrats for passing NCLEX!

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