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Specializes in med-surg. Has 7 years experience.

I'm a med/surg nurse with 3 years experience. I will be applying for a perioperative residency. What relevent med/surg surg skills should I include in my resume? What are OR managers looking for besides the obvious, experience?

Any input would be much appreciated!

canesdukegirl, BSN, RN

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OR managers are looking for organizational skills, the ability to do a million things at once, an ability to get along with many different types of surgeons, and the ability to be assertive. Since you are going into a residency program, you really aren't required to have any experience. I love the fact that you have worked med/surg for 3 years. I would hire you on that fact alone! You already know how to delegate, how to prioritize and how to multi-task. That speaks volumes, and during your interview, I would emphasize those traits.

One piece of advice: OR managers like assertive nurses, but it is a fine line to be confident and to be reckless. Do you know what I mean? Be confident in your interview, show enthusiasm about coming to the OR to learn, but show some appreciation on the other hand that you will have a lot to learn.

I hope that makes sense. My synapses do not appear to be firing tonight!


Specializes in med-surg. Has 7 years experience.

Thank you very much for the great advice.It's true med/surg is a very crazy environment and I sure did learn how to multitask and deligate.