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OR PRN Jobs in Philadelphia Area


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I just got accepted into Drexel University's Nurse Anesthesia Program (Post-Master's Certificate) and will be moving to Philadelphia around Oct or Nov of 2012 since the program starts in Jan 2013. I am looking for OR work on a PRN/per-diem basis. Any suggestions on good places to work in the Philly area that has OR nursing needs? I have been in the OR currently for 8 years. I am also an ICU nurse but do not want to work in this area since I am looking for something more laid back such as the OR.


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I never worked in the OR, so I don't have any first-hand knowledge of it, but I have been an RN in Philly for 25 years. I am sure that pretty much any of our major hospitals (Einstein, Jefferson, Temple, Hahnemann, U of Pa, etc. etc.), would snap you up, not to mention any of the smaller hospitals that have OR', because OR nursing is almost always in demand.

The one thing about hospitals in this area is that it's hard to keep track of who is merged/affiliated with whom, so applying at one may mean that you are really applying at their entire network.

The pay rates are not too bad, and you might even consider going pool or agency.

Dave Dunn, RN