OR nurses need more RAM in their Brains, Do u agree?

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I think OR nurses require a better memorizing skill, We need to


1. those surgical Instrument names

2. set content and the number of items

3. different procedures and surgeons' preferences

4. Surgeons, anaesthetist names...(they usually attached their ID card on their white coat but not the green one)

5. some more surgical anatomy and spelling than ward nurses

6 anything I miss on the list?


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Isn't memorization described as an invariant task that requires no real understanding, just memorization?

The special OR memory skills list you give are things that someone with less training than a nurse could do, so be careful how you present your "better-than-the-average-nurse" abilities.

Also, I would invest in a bigger hard drive / ROM rather than RAM. That way the info is right there each time you have to re-boot and doesn't have to be loaded in the RAM.


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I myself would prefer to have my brain become a PDA with memory cards I can insert (and remove). With this I could just pick the memory card with the info I need for the specialty I happen to be working.

It would also be a blessing for when I go home, I would be able to remove the whole damn thing and not think of work at all. I would just have to set the alarm to remind me when it is time to go back to work.

First of all however I am going to take a course in mindreading, it would make my life so much easier (do I however want to know everything the surgeon is thinking?........)


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