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OR nurse schedule

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I am currently an ICU nurse debating switching to the OR. What is a typical schedule for an OR nurse? I know on-call is required, but how does the scheduling work? I'm used to 3 12hour shifts per week and want an idea of how different it'll be. Also, any advice from those who have switched from ICU to the OR? Please and thank you!

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These are questions you'll need to ask at an interview or when applying for jobs as each facility is going to vary. Not only can length of shift vary but also what shifts are staffed- a trauma center is going to be staffed 24/7 whereas a small community hospital may only staff 0700-1500 or 1700. Call is also going to be very variable.

My facility is a level 2 trauma center. We have 8, 10, and 12 hour shifts. Shifts are 0700-1500, 0900-1700, 0700-1700, 0700-1900, 1100-1900, 1500-2300, 2300-0700. Night shift is pretty much the same team Sunday night through Thursday night and then staffed by whichever team's turn it is to work the weekend. There are a small number of people who work only 1500-2300; to fill the open slots, people are rotated off of day shift. The same is true of the 1100-1900 shift. With the exception of the cardiac team, all staff are supposed to take 8 hours of call per week, plus additional when it's their weekend.