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Hi! I am currently an operating room nurse (1 1/2 years experience). I signed A contract with my Hospital, but in the past few months I've been disappointed in my job and have been dreading to go to work each day. I would Love to get on with NICU or mother/baby at a another hospital that has an opening, but my question is, would it be a good idea to break my contract to go somewhere else? I have The utmost respect for OR nurses, but I've learned it's not for me and I don't think I can Make it another year. I have heard different feedback....some of it being that breaking a contract looks really bad. However, is it worth it to stick out a job I cannot stand anymore?

Also, any additional advice on how to prepare to transition from OR back to more "traditional" nursing would be much appreciated! :)

Well, how much longer do you have on that contract? Is there a penalty for breaking it?

NICU and mother/baby are not easy nursing fields to break into. Would you be willing to move for a job in those fields? Would med-surg nursing be an option?(There are more of those available in a hosptial, and they tend to hire people new to the field).

Depending on the type of OR you are working in, if you took a direct patient care job, would nights and weekends be an issue?

What kinds of problems did you encounter in OR, and are they specific to your OR, or are these more universal work problems?

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