Options if false report is filed to Board?


I recently had a false report filed on me to the board by an old employer. I not only have ex co-workers writing letters on my behalf that it was false, but I even have video evidence that it is false.

After this is investigated, do I have any legal options available? I have to spend thousands on a lawyer for this, not to mention needlessly endangering my license as well as the emotional trauma.

Can the board recognize this as false and come back against the person filing?

Just curious.

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I'm terribly sorry for your dilemma, however as per site terms of service members can neither request nor offer legal advice. If you have personal malpractice/liability insurance (and in my opinion everyone should) call your carrier for advice and representation. You may also contact a nurse attorney. The American Association of Nurse Attorneys has a lawyer referral service for attorneys experienced in license defense in front of boards of nursing: TAANA Executive Office - Member directory

Best of luck to you in this difficult time. Thread closed.

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