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Specializes in ED, Cardiac-step down, tele, med surg.

I'm currently looking for options on masters programs to get me away from the bedside and into more lucrative work opportunities.

I have about 6 years bedside nursing experience and am discovering I do not want to spend the next 30 years doing this. I'm not sure pursuing an NP would give me the kind of salary I desire and have been told that the extra money made as an NP is not much more than an RN.

I make good money as an RN, but the workload and stress are starting to affect my life in a negative way. I have been reluctant to commit to a masters degree in a nursing-NP program because I just don't know if this is the right route for me.

Any suggestions? Ideally, I'd like to make at least 150K per year or more if I spend money on masters.

Thanks for the info.

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