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OPT Issues - Please advice

Hi all,

I applied for OPT early October online and sent the documents by mail. Because I paid the fees online, they asked me to go for fingerprinting on the 19th of November which I did. I have still not received my OPT and I am supposed to start work on the 16th of January, 2006.

Please what do you guys advise that I do now?


There is nothing that can be done this week about it, and probably not until after the holidays. I suggest that you follow up with the office that you sent everything to, to make sure that they have actually received everything. Just because you had the fingerprints done on that date, it doesn't mean that they have definitely received the results.

The fingerprint was done and the results sent realtime in their systems. I tried calling USCIS today but the person that answered the call did not know much. Is there a way to contact the Texas center directly?

Also, is there an option for temporary Employment card? My school's DSO mentioned somthing like that do exist.

Unfortunately, I have seen errors with the Live Scan system. Just follow up with them to make sure that it was received.

There should be a way to contact them directly, but again with the holidays here, you are not going to get any help until after them.

Not sure of there is a special temporay employment card, do not think that there is as there are no longer any temporary visas for nurses. Only the green card. And for those in the US already, the EAD, which is the card that permits an RN to work, can not even be applied for until NCLEX is passed. Best bet would be to speak to an immigration attorney, and again, almost every one of these offices are closed as the partners are on vacation.

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