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Opinion: Which VA hospital is better to work at?


Any advice or comments are welcomed.

I am currently a new grad (May'14) who has passed boards in June'14. I was recently given a tentative offer at 2 separate VA hospitals. Both of which are out of state for me (but I'm fine with relocating). One is in Jackson, Miss and the other is in Columbia, SC. Both positions will be on the same nursing floor. The benefits will be the same. However I have a possibility of getting 60% of my nursing student loans paid by the government through a certain Program if I work at the facility in Mississippi. Other than that, big difference is the different cities.

My question is does anyone have any insight or have worked for either facility and could give me feedback on both? Also if you currently live in either of the cities which one is nice to live. I have an idea where I want to go but I know this site is meant to help one another so I figured I just ask for some opinions.

This is an amazing opportunity to have offers from two different VA hospitals as I know how tough it is to gain employment with them let alone being a new grad.

Thanks in advance. :)