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Can any one provide me with their curent theatre attire policy in particular to hats and oversoes and clean air rooms thank you

This is a changing area for the OR. Current research has shown that shoe covers don't have much of an effect one way or the other but a lot of ORs still require them. Some make it optional. I wear them to protect my shoes. Lab coats and cover gowns worn over scrubs outside the department are also going away but I can't see how it hurts. Head covers keep stray hairs out of the room and certainly out of the field. There have been changes in the way ORs are cleaned too. Our hospital only requires terminal cleaning a room after a VRE case or MRSA case. However, I still want the room terminally cleaned after a "dirty case" and have it done anyway. I have problems with bringing in a bone case after a bowel case.

You may want to look at AORN's position on "dirty cases". I haven't worked in an institution that pracatices that in the last 15 years. Look at the posted evidence based practice on that issue.

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No more shoe covers unless you wear your shoes everywhere. ;-) Most OR nurses and doctors I know keep a pair that are specific to OR and do not wear them outside the facility.I have been around so long that the debate over paper hats and cloth hats has come full circle..... we can wear either here just need to have hair covered well and you need to launder your hats...don't wear one for weeks and weeks. We usually have a clean hat everyday.Cover gowns went out of vogue several years ago....so it is no longer required. Follow your heart and gut, does it seem right.AORN is always a great place to get information

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This is actually to "twill" regarding "dirty cases" I know that orthopedic nurses still think that bowel cases are dirty, but not so..... Universal precautions ( I know,an old term) but what it stood for is still viable. Any one of your patients could have something horrible that YOU do not know about:uhoh3: So every patient that comes into your OR should be treated the same!the rooms should all be cleaned so well routinely that you do not have to worry about anything hanging around during cleaning.An operating room cleaned well after any case should be enough. I do know however that orthopedics can have blood flying everywhere.........so be sure and check the lights and make sure the walls are cleaned.;)

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