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  1. Hello all,

    I am currently employed as an Emergency Department RN w/ 2 years experience. I am having some issues with my facility & really am in need of a change.

    There is another facility in my area with an excellent reputation. I applied for an OR position. The requirements were for an RN w/ some clinical (not necessarily relevant to the OR) experience & a few basic certifications, which I have had for some time now.

    The HR rep for the facility called me back the day after I applied, acknowledged that I did not have OR experience, but that the director was very interested in interviewing with me.

    My question is - has any here gone from the ED to the OR? It seems as if the OR is such a unique specialty & I really respect those with experience.

    I am very very excited about the opportunity to make a switch, but also very nervous and looking for some advice!

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  3. by   mikethern
    I work with 2 RN's who came from the ED. They both have adapted to the O.R. very well. Look at it this way; if new grads can learn the O.R., you will have a big advantage as an experienced ED nurse.
  4. by   nurseangel47
    As long as they're willing to properly train you to the ways of the operating rooms I'd say go for it! I once desired to do this after years of a variety of nursing positions but the two weeks in each operating suite in the student role of being trained (two weeks in each subspecialty of the OR) turned me off right away. I didn't think that this would've been adequate by far to have been trained properly. Now, if it was a general surgery situation, or just neuro or thoracic or cardiac or ortho. I'd have gone for it. But they wanted to train a fleet of new nurses to the OR to be able to handle any type of surgery. I think being brand new I'd have been too overwhelmed. Just my opinion. Never tried OR after that scare. Too timid. Not a good fit personality wise for an OR from what I've heard. If you've been in ER and still feel confident you can stay strong (I've always held ER nurses in the highest regards, professionally speaking...) then do it. What've you got to lose? Good luck!