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Had a question for you all. I recently had surgery and while in the preop holding room, was given a consent form to sign. This consent form had the wrong side and omitted one of the procedures. I... Read More

  1. by   MereSanity
    I had this issue today (made me nuts)... Patient came down for surgery on LEFT leg...consent (made out on floor) says RIGHT leg (not like he didn't have a gunshot and wound vac already on the left leg but whatever)...anyway...pre op nurse crosses out "RIGHT" and writes "LEFT" after it is noted (by someone else) the consent is wrong...I come to pick up the patient and tell them I can't accept this consent this way (they initialed it too)...still...sloppy consent some lawyer would love to rip apart....now...instead of helping me get going on this (getting new consents signed) they argued with me and searched their policies for 10 minutes because "we always did it this way". So here is what I am asking....where can I find the legal "rules" for proper consents? Thanks!